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I am a science communicator.
What's that? It's someone who finds ways to explain science to other people who want to know it.
I am a science advocate.
What's that? It's someone who believes that science knowledge and scientific thinking skills are valuable and important, and finds ways to promote them.

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There are lots of ways I've communicated science. I have worked in radio, in media/PR, as a liaison officer and event organiser. I've written travelogues, speeches and newsletters, media releases and radio scripts, and co-authored a wildflower book. I've led tours and guided walks, built and redesigned web pages. I've developed educational resources, presented professional development for teachers and edited a text book. I've developed training materials and trained colleagues. I've performed in road shows and science shows for more than ten years.

I believe that science is one of the ways in which we enrich our experience and understanding of our world. It both enlightens us and brings us closer to mystery, both gives us knowledge and challenges us to understand and ethically use that knowledge. I believe that science can be told in ways that are interesting, accurate, relevant, and useful as well as full of wonder and amazement - and I do my best to do so.

If any of these skills interest you, or you think you could use a trained communicator to help you present your science clearly, please contact me. I am for hire.

Recent and current work in Melbourne

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