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Western Jewel Butterfly in Progress: April 2001

I love costumes and clothing, making, designing, creating, experimenting. Sometimes it shows. The following photo is from a costume I was building for the Masquerade ball at the Swancon 2001: Masquerade science fiction convention. Thanks to John Samuels who took the photo. The costume is of a Western Jewel butterfly, one of our local rare and endangered species, reasonably accurate as I could get it, we're looking at the female ventral side. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the interior framework of the wings in time for the Masquerade where this was taken, so what you see is me hanging on for grim life to all the bits and trying to keep the wings up long enough for the photo to be taken. I will finish it one day.

Western Jewel Butterfly Costume

Graduation: February 2001

A very good photographer by the name of Peter Maloney took a selection of excellent if unconventional photos of me at my request, for my graduation. He was very nice and digitally combined two images which came out much as I'd hoped, below. The gown and hood signify that I hold a Bachelor of Science from Curtin University of Technology, located in Western Australia. My actual degree is in Applied Physics. For the whole batch of photos, go here or click on the picture below


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