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That white dress: Swancon, April 2004

This is one of my more expensive purchases. I rarely spend much money on clothes, and when I do I have to know they're going to be worth it. From the rave reviews I got, this was a good pick. Michael Deegan took this photo and the one hiding behind it (click to see a different view).

Classic elegance (I'd like to think)

The pink tie combination: February 2004

I found myself shopping in a menswear store one day, and ended up with some new pieces to play with. This was the result of some trial and error with other pieces from my costume box. I wore it to work this day, and one of the men at work very kindly tied the tie into a Windsor knot for me. This photo's taken by my neighbour Leon. Click on the photo to see one of my favourite shots (taken by me), showing the whole outfit.

Pink and gold

Job interview: September 2003

I was looking for work, opened the paper and saw an ad that said "Fairies Wanted" and a phone number. Rang it, and arranged an interview for about two hours time. Which was just enough for me to get my wings on and hop on the train and get there. I got a good laugh from the ticket inspector who wanted to know where I was going, and I said "A job interview". Most people don't have enough surreality in their lives, and I love getting the chance to provide it.

They say you should dress appropriately for interviews...

Caption Wanted: August 2003

At the moment this photo was taken I was actually explaining to Margaret how, a month before, the car I was driving had ended up whipping in circles between two oncoming road trains at speeds around 100 km per hour, and exactly why it was I considered myself lucky to be alive. However, that's not what it looks like. This candid moment was captured by either Anna Hepworth or Art Diggle.

It was THIS BIG...

Bubbleologist: August 2003

One of the most fun jobs I've done while doing contract work. Combines maths, physics, chemistry, performance and people skills with just all round good fun. This was at the Curtin Open day, and by coincidence Bubblemania (the company I was working for) were booked into one of my old classrooms in the Applied Physics Department. The girl I'm enclosing in a bubble is Kat, who I know from studying there. If you look closely, you'll see that yes, I really am wearing fluorescent green fishnet stockings.


Carpark shot: January 2004

Dion and I went with Michael and Linda to the beach. Michael snapped this shot of me in the carpark of the fresh fruit and veg markets we stopped at afterwards. Nothing special except that it shows you a non-performance, non-costumed version of me.

A non-costumed shot of me

Birthday Shag: October 2003

Taken on the day of my 29th birthday. I'd turned up to breakfast in a cape, just because I could. So through a long series of jokes we ended up with this photo of me in my mother's garden, poised, pretending to be a waterbird.


Peace Angel: March 2003

I was one of hundreds of thousands around the world who marched in protest against the US invasion of Iraq. I still believe it was a bad idea that came from too much flawed thinking and a complete lack of understanding of people and cultures. I made my statement in the most visual (and still legal) way I could think of. Curiously, despite being taped by every camera present, no footage of me was shown. A friend pointed out that perhaps it wasn't "family friendly". Didn't stop them showing the bombing and shooting.

Peace Angel

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