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Photos that were up on this page for a while and then moved on can be found in my archives.
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Continuum, June 2004

Borrowed from their photo gallery. I have to keep remembering that this one is me, in one of the various "looks" / outfits I pulled out of my tiny suitcase. For reference, hair, shirt and eyelashes are all a fluorescent lime green.

Green hair and cheeky tongue

Belgrave, May 2005

A stroll down the main street of Belgrave. Taken by Sharon Moseley. There's a more curious version hiding behind.

Bohemian and arty

Swancon Masquerade: March 2005

Harlequin (me) is amusing Aerin, watched by mother Fe and various others. For some reason people had trouble recognising me in this costume. But it worked well with Danny Oz's Joker and Sharon Moseley's Goon.

Entertaining character

Nature spirit: Laurelwood, April 2005

Self explanatory. There's an 800x600 version hiding behind if you want a better resolution.

Wild free spirit

Black on black: March 2005

This was a carefully constructed outfit sourced from several places. Each of the separate items in this ensemble are a little risque worn on their own, but together they cover me toe-to-neck-to-wrist with nothing likely to show.

Black on black

Katanning All-Ages Playground: April 2005

This is at the top of one of the slides in the adult-sized playground, about to go down. That cheerful smile is masking the death grip on the edge of the slide while I wait for Danny Oz to hurry up and take the darn photo, willya? I'm not fond of drops.

Don't believe the smile, it's a long way down

On the Rock, Laurelwood: April 2005

The Rock is a large granite outcrop in the Forest on our farm. Dad always wanted to build a treehouse in this karri tree behind, with a bridge across to The Rock, but karri trees drop their limbs frequently, without warning, and this is rather a long way up.

A sacred place

Coy Cowgirl: January 2005

Fooling around with a stockman's hat. Well, at least it was his *hat* I was fooling with.

This hat was made for flirting

Sketching in Kings Park: January 2005

I'm standing on the fort at the end of the walkway of the winds in the dinosaur playground in Kings Park, sketching Corymbia calophylla flowers and leaves as a potential submission to Gynaezine for their cover. (They ended up accepting my sketches of "Mouse Ears", a different plant.) When I draw I get lost in light and shape and rhythm, breaking down what I see into what is really there. It's a trance, a fugue I only come out of when I realise I've gone so deep the pencil's long since stopped moving completely.

Lost in artspace

Ricecake: Kingston World Music Festival, September 2005

One of my favourite sweet things to eat, usually sold in lurid colours. This one looked a bit like liquid bruise. Originates in South East Asia somewhere. I must work out how to make it. There's a different view of the cake behind this image. It's green, purple, yellow and tastes great

Australia Day in Kings Park: January 2005

It's one of the traditional places to go for Australia Day. I'd never been,so I thought I should go once. But we didn't stay - I get uncomfortable in crowds after a while. Thirty minutes after this photo was taken all that green space behind me was getting pretty full with people.

Out and about like a normal human being

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